Who am I?

“Johanna is a passionate lover of life, who finds joy in almost every moment. Interesting combination of a bit dry engineer and a yoga teacher with good sense of humor. Johanna is a funny teacher, who brings the joy into the yoga shala. ”

I have been fascinated about yoga my whole life. I ended up to my first yoga class in 2007 and that was it. I was hooked. My mother tried to get me to start yoga my whole childhood, but I found the shalas and classes offered in 90's scary and I thought I should change myself completely just to enter the place. This is why I want to emphasize that everyone can enter my class as they are and be their own unique beautiful selves. Yoga is for everyBODY. 

I have a long background of doing sports, mostly dancing and athletics, and it made me to proceed yoga first only as a physical exercise. However slowly and surely I found the completeness of yoga and it became a way of life. Nowadays it is a way to look and understand the world and an important tool for my spiritual growth and awareness.

I am ERYT200 certified yoga teacher, aerial yoga teacher and a player of traditional ritual drum. I am also a Hima Wisdom Practitioner and those learnings I love to share in my classes. I may also spice up my classes with reiki energy, thai-yoga massage, essential oils and with the learnings from many other meditation and anatomy trainings I have attended after my graduation. 

My goal is to bring a relaxed and joyful atmosphere to my classes and I aim that everyone has a smile on their face when leaving. I encourage my clients gently but firmly outside their comfort zones. Gentle and empathetic listening of ones mind and body is important in my classes. I have also a Master's degree on Environmental Engineering so you may ask recycling tips from me as well. 


I hope we get to meet on a mat together!



You are warmly welcome to practice with me. At the moment I teach mainly in Helsinki in different lovely studios and online. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have anything on your mind! 

Courses and Special classes


Open weekly classes and workshops for everybody



Live online classes + recordings at Yogaia

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  • 18:20 Core Flow 

  • 18:45 Yoga for neck and shoulders

  • 19:10 Meditation for inner peace


Yoga evenings at Flamingo Spa

  • 17:00 - 18:15 Flow yoga

  • 18:30 - 19:15 Yin yoga

Workshops and Special classes


Levon perjantait - Levon vallankumous® restoratiivisen joogan tunnit joulukuussa ja keväällä 23


Herkullisen herättelevä Yin & Flow -retriitti

5.1. - 8.1.2023 - Villa Heponiemi, Karjalohja

Ohjaajat: Johanna Laaksonen ja Laura Nevalinna

  • Yin- ja flow-joogaa

  • Uuden vuoden intentioita

  • Rumpurentoutus

  • Äänimaljarentoutus

  • Herkullista kasvisruokaa

Hinta: 545€


  • Majoitus kahden hengen huoneissa

  • Ohjaukset

  • Joogavälineet

  • Ruoka: 3 x brunssi, 2 x lounas, 2 x päivällinen, 3 x päiväkahvit, 3 x iltapala

Ilmoittaudu: S-postitse: heponiemiretreat@gmail.com


Examples of different classes 


For Companies, Special private events and for YOU

Some ideas for you, what I have on my menu

I love giving Private Classes! 

Private Class is a very nice way to deepen your practice, polish your asanas, or even to start your journey on yoga in a safe way. Each session is tailored for your wishes and abilities.

I give privates online and in studios. We can also find a unique place for your special event.


  • Bachelor(ette) parties 

  • Babyshowers / Mother's blessing

  • Birthdays

  • Company Events

  • Seminars

  • Wedding gifts

  • Aerial yoga classes 

  • Moon Flow yoga classes

  • Yin yoga classes, with special themes: such as chakras, or combined with reiki healing and essential oils, or couples practices

  • Drumming relaxations. This can also be combined to any other class

  • Yoga Nidra sessions 

  • Dream board sessions

  • Meditation classes

  • Cycles as a part of femininity workshops

  • Mother's blessing circles


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